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Monday, 31 August 2009

Indonesia troops ready to attack Serawak

after a couple of pretty horrendous conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia due to the malaysia steal some cultures like Indonesia dances, musical instruments, folk songs, and a small island on the border, the Indonesia began angrily to the actions of their neighbors were.

according to them, within malaysia is a very, very evil. and also had tortured malaysia Indonesia workers who worked there with no human.

responding to the problem, the Indonesian government went to malaysia to question what really happened. But, where the Indonesian government had only words of apology from malaysia.

therefore, the leader of the army and all the nations of Indonesia Indonesia increasingly angry. the youth are ready to volunteer to help draft the country Indonesia. Indonesia estimated the number of soldiers who went to malaysia many as 450,000 soldiers plus approximately 20,000,000 volunteer military service.

Indonesia army just sent a company-made guns guns "PINDAD" as many as 110 guns to the philippines. in fact, the weapon should be sent to Mali. but by the Indonesia army, it's really just a trick to deceive malaysia. These weapons will actually be used to attack malaysia.

path that Indonesia will use the army was used track the terrorists to and out of Indonesia, namely Miangas point on the island.

there, the soldiers will stop Indonesia while in the philippines. and continued with the attack in advance Sarawak and sabah attack.

after that, the plan will be withdrawn soldiers retreated to kalimantan. and continued attacks by the other battalions of sumatera. through 2 stages of this attack, malaysia will be expected to fall to pieces and will be in Indonesia as at the first power.

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Advance vois S7-1B: a sporty small MP3 player

for those of you who crave an MP3 player sporty design, lightweight, S7-1B vois output of this advance can be selected. The shape is similar to Creative Zenstone product, which adopted the model of pebbles. in body wedged behind a thin clip as a hook.

To size MP3 player, is fairly small vois. Size circumference 14.5 cm and 1.5 cm thick. Nothing spaker in this MP3, instead, port 3.5 mm female jack can be used as a headset connector. in addition, the port also functions as a charging medium.

for pengoperasionalan, vois put some buttons on the left side of the kana, this MP3. Interface using the LCD and OLED.

When tested, the sound of Headsetnya sound casual. This is because the quality is still the standard Headsetnya.

Problem power battery, lithium ion vois supported built-in. battery charger of a USB cable. Charging energy takes up a full 4 hours. And the battery will lose 1 bar every 1 hour is used when it is used.

Like many Chinese products, MP3 is only available software for firmware upgrades that have nothing to support Windows and Linux.

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varicose veins prevent normal childbirth

turns out, varicose veins are not only happening in the legs, but can also occur in the vagina and anus. For women who always wished to appear beautiful and charming despite being pregnant, should mngikuti tips below.

Not every woman is ready to face changes in the body that occur during pregnancy. even if changes occur in the foot, such as varicose veins. the presence of blue ridge around like a worm is clearly eliminates the beauty of the foot.

but not to worry about the loss of beauty that leg, but the varicose veins. Because, almost all women who have varicose veins in the legs during pregnancy are also likely to have varicose veins in the vagina.

this is very dangerous, because it could hamper the normal birth, especially for those who do normal delivery.

Here are tips to prevent varicose veins:
Diligent exercise to maintain a healthy body and muscles.
2. Do not be too often wear tight clothes, because it will push our muscles are always moving as the leg muscles.
3. Often raised feet higher than the body. this movement as it did in yoga as well as in gymnastics, ballet gymnastics.
4. if the sore leg muscles, massage until blood flow returned to normal.

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saturation point of the earth

like an inflated balloon continuously without stopping, the earth are now at the culmination of our capacity as human beings play an important role in maintaining a state of the earth.

Earth is now experiencing a crisis as well as 4 types, namely: food, oil, funansial, and the environment. four crisis brings complexity problem that requires a key 1, the human consciousness.

environmental crises arise because people will demand human resources and the environment excessive. we are cutting trees faster than the growth time. in a densely populated area, various types of waste disposed of in large quantities. air and water pollution, deadly flora and fauna, and endanger human health itself.

As in the story "City of Ember" which tells when the earth was no longer worthy to live. scientists to design an underground city for human survival.

if man was accused and responsible for what has been done. then the target needs to be done is to change human consciousness itself will be the environmental conditions. not through technology or research.

we only stayed the choice, stay underground like the story "city of the bucket" or trying to change patterns of thinking.

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Friday, 28 August 2009

The easy way to put adsense only within 48 hours

For the bloggers around the world who use the facility from can rejoice because now they can start an online business only 48 hours of activation.

language of the bloggers would blog is different, there are french, germany, india, china, japan, and so forth. And, to start Google Adsense with fairly easily, change the language of your blog into English.

It's easy once:
1. sign in your account.

2. emerged as the dashboard, click settings.

3. select format

4. Replace the languages available in English.

5. save settings

6. after that will appear next to link the new CSS layout called "cash".

7. click the link and start your Adsense.

8. wait until 48 hours activation.

9. check your email to find out more.

10. please try.

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history of the birth of atomic bomb

In 1919, Ernest Rutherford had done the shooting nucleus for the first time. Alpha particles emitted by radium element is fired to the nitrogen atom. and oxygen atoms formed with the proton emission.

in 1933, Irene Curie and her husband, Frederic Juliot alpha particles fired at the element magnesium, aluminum and boron. Nuclides produced was radioactive.

in 1934, Enrico Fermi fire element thallium by neutron particles, and it forms the lead element.

in 1938, Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner from Germany to shoot particles of uranium with neutrons. "And they make amazing, the uranium is split into 2 lighter nuclides."

in 1940, Glenn Theodore Seaborg made 2 new elements that were not in nature, ie neptunium and plutonium.

Discoveries that later by countries such as the American giants and russia serikar used to make atomic bombs that threaten the world.

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Yoga: Sports soul and body in the world's oldest

Yoga is a comprehensive health system that is formed from ancient Indian culture since 3000 years BC. Yoga means union with God. In essence, through Yoga, one will know better about the body, mind, and soul. The more he knows all aspects of himself, so also is the closer to god.

Diibaratka is a vehicle body and the mind is the driver. When driving the body, mind emotions olh affected. Yoga in the third it is kept in balance.
Yoga is "the living science" because almost all aspects of the world can be connected with it. Despite thousands of years old is still a lot of yoga enthusiasts around the world.

There are 9 forms of the flow of Yoga:
1. Jnana Yoga (knowledge)
2. Karma yoga (community service)
3. Bhakti Yoga (devotion to god)
4. Yantra Yoga (vision)
5. Mantra Yoga (voice and sound)
6. Tantra Yoga (energy generation)
7. Kundalini Yoga (kundalini energy generation)
8. Hatha Yoga (body mastery and breath)
9. Raja Yoga (control of mind and reason)

In addition there are 4 streams of Yoga is considered the greatest because it has universal values:
1. Jnana Yoga
2. Karma Yoga
3. Bhakti Yoga
4. Raja Yoga

According to Yoga experts, the best is Hatha Yoga with Yoga 4 streams above.

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Internet site for the Mobile Symbian

when using Mobile smart, we need the support of information from the source software, especially freeware. It is important to save costs for developing standard facilities and a new facility at the Mobile smart.

Sources of information the software can be downloaded from the internet. For that you need to visit a particular site. On this occasion, will be informed that the site associated with the Mobile smart like nokia symbian series 60.

Here be an information site and software known in particular for smart mobile phone operations based symbian.

1. Http: / /
2. Http: / /
3. Http: / /

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how to turn bitmap images into vector images in Macromedia Flash 5

Bitmap image can cause a large file size. You can use the Trace Bitmap command to convert bitmap images into vector images that can be edited.

When you import a bitmap image and use it in a flash movie you MUST include it in LIBRARY. but when you turn it into a vector image, you can just delete them from the library for bitmap and vector images are stand alone.
If the imported bitmap image has a level of difficulty of complex image and color very much, turning it into a vector image will reduce the file size. You can use several options in the dialog box to match the trace bitmap file size and image quality.

Step work:

1. Select the image that will be imported into flash.

2. click on the bitmap image.

3. MODIFY menu-> TRACE Bitmap dialog box that appears like this:

* Color Threshold: the larger (1-500), the fewer colors used.
* Minimum Area: The smaller (1-1000) more detail.
* Curve Fix: select very smooth in order to use a pencil with a fast and smooth movements.
* Corner Threshold: determines the resulting corner (sharp / blunt)

4. You can experiment yourself in changing these values for the effects meghasilkan interesting.

5. Click OK in the Trace Bitmap dialog box.

6. Select the Arrow Tool and click a few colors. each time you click on different pictures, will appear showing the dotted image area. This is what is meant by minimum areapada Trace Bitmap dialog box.

7. To edit a picture in the Trace Bitmap to vector. Select all select tool and click on the image.

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Nokia 7210 supernova review

Nokia product is no doubt his greatness. ranging from resistance to the return of the selling price. one of the new product is a type of nokia 7210 supernova.
though artificial nokia, not always perfect. there was always a shortage and excess.

advantages of this phone lies in its design and slim and elegant and features a large memory. very day the price is quite cheap mobile phone, only about $ 100.

shortcomings, this phone does not support shortcut keys on the right and left. consequently the user's operating difficulties when the music player.

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Not Eating for 14 hours will not kill you

Muslims around the world in this ramadhan month working on the so-called fast service. they do not eat for 14 hours a day. starting at 04.00 until 06.00.
they do it once a year, and ended with a special day they call the day Southul mujahidin. on the day they forgive each other. and return the sacred as a newborn baby.

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10 genius in the field of memory

Number of cases revealed in the reference books reveals the potential of human memory is amazing. I will be here the 10 most legendary genius.

1. Toscanni Arturo Conductor can remember all the notes of each instrument of the 100 plus 250 symphonies and musical opera dialogue.

2.Hideaki tomoyori considering the value of phi up to 40 thousand in the decimal. breaking the previous record by 10 thousand decimal.

3.Imam Bukhari is the hadith narrators and renowned experts. The sharpness of his brain in memorization oramg not be equaled another. He can memorize the hadith 100,000.

4.Antonio de Marco Magliabechi, an Italian citizen who was born in 1633 with a photographic memory and mastery of reading speed to demonstrate how he could write the entire contents of a book after reading it once.

5.Kaumatana, a Maori chief from New Zealand, be able to remember the whole history of his tribe from generation 45 for the year 1000. any exposure history of each.

6.Stephen Powelson, retired accountability from Les-Loges-en-Josas, France since more than 14,300 lines from a total of 15,693 lines of Homer's work written in classical Greek. These memories he coached for 10 years. And he started at the age of 60 years.

7.Dario Donatelli, who are still alive until now. broke the world record by saying the memory circuit 73 returning a number in 48 seconds when played. The previous record recorded in 1911 with a series of 18 numbers.

8.Cardinal Mezzofani can speak in 60 languages quite well.

9.Christian Friedrich Heinaker, baby genius of Lubeck, Germany, born in 1721. At the age of 10 months he was able to remember all the words he heard. 3 years of age, he can speak Latin and French and understand the gospel, geography, and history of the world in a comprehensive manner. Unfortunately, the child genius died at age 4 years after predicting his own death.

10.Reverend Davin Misen Heimer, of Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. Able to remember names and faces well. Every week he greeted every congregation who attended and numbered 1800 people by mentioning their names respectively. He claimed not sure how to remember names of people who visit only once 6 months ago.

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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Terorist's big boss was rest in peace

after so long be pursued by the police chase each republic indonesia, the big boss called terrorist Noordin M. Top also caught. Noordin arrested hiding in a house in own beji, Temanggung, central jawa, indonesia.

he not only arrested but immediately died in the shooting incident. Kapolri reported that the victim died so far 3 people including Noordin and 5 other people secured in the police office.

since the blockade began yesterday evening (7 August 2009), noordin still survive in hiding in own home while away a shot that threaten the police.

Noordin with death, police hope the follow-terrorism indonesia in indonesia will be lost altogether. the stability and security in indonesia. and can restore the foreign investors, which some time ago took leave indonesia.

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flock terrorist officers arrested

At night on 7 August 2009 indonesia time, the police find the hiding place of origin flock terrorist Noordin M. namely malaysia Top. Location is a small house in the middle of rice fields in the area beji, kedu, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia.

around 23:00 o'clock in the police shooting to do with the terrorist until midnight. police also successfully shoot down 2 terrorist suspects named erik setiawan and eco because that would throw bombs to the hands of police.

General Bambang H. Danuri also stressed that the police have found bomb with 100 kilogram weight and 1 car bombing. Second bomb is suspected of trying to use them in action next 2 weeks to come.

before the dawn, the police have beset the house in the 40 meter radius. and the police try to enter through the front door and back with the first blast doors, as has been alleged bomb. Before entering, the police operate the 2 robot equipped with a camera that has been to monitor the situation in the home.

successful return to the police arrest 5 members of other terrorist who is hiding in the house. fifth terrorist is brought directly to the police headquarters indonesia for more information about their big boss, Noordin M. Top.

Until now the police are still isolate the village surrounding area locations. can not have people who go out first to the village level to maintain security stability.

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