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Sunday, 6 September 2009

installing webcam on the computer

technological development enables people to communicate with a look at his interlocutor. a device that helps this is the webcam. with a webcam, one can communicate (chat), looking at his interlocutor.

the price of a webcam is not expensive, easy to use, and very pleasant. webcam now has changed the way people communicate through the Internet.

webcam is a small camera that can be mounted on the monitor komputerdan can capture video and images, then immediately put it in the computer's hard drive.

video conference using a webcam facilitate us to conduct a meeting with someone at the same time even if the person is at a great distance. therefore can provide a video conference exchange of information in audio and visual, cause we can save time, travel costs, and we will never be tired.

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  1. simpel dan menarik bos, cukup mudah difahami

  2. thanks for your information

  3. cok monganmu g enak d rungokno
    lek g iso nginstal wabcam call me


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