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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Cascading Style Sheets for beginners

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a stylesheet language used to set the display of a document written in markup language. CSS used to format web pages written in HTML or XHTML format. Even so, the language can be used for all types of XML document, including SVG and XUL. CSS specifications set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

CSS is typically used by the writer and the reader to determine the web page colors, fonts, layout, and display various aspects of web documents. CSS's main function is to separate the contents of documents (written in HTML or other markup language) with the presentation of documents (written in CSS). This separation aims to improve the accessibility of content, providing more flexibility and control to display the document, and reduce complexity and repetition in structural content.

CSS enables the same page to be displayed in different ways for different presentation methods, such as through a screen, print, voice (when read by a browser-based voice or screen reader), as well as braille readers. HTML or XML page that also can be displayed together in different ways, both in terms of style or color scheme of the display using CSS.

CSS Advantages:

1. Update the look is more easily
2. Smaller bandwidth burden
3. Modifications easier web templates
4. More easily used on mobile phones
5. Seacrh engine friendly
6. If we want to change a theme of a web page, just modify the css alone.
7. A CSS can be used many web pages.

Lack of CSS:

1. Views on different browsers.
2. Sometimes there is also a browser that does not support CSS (older browsers).
3. Must know how to use it.
4. needed more time in the making.
5. Not to mention there is a bug / error in the CSS.

CSS can be applied in 3 ways:

1. Directly written to the tag head.

2. Using an external file. That is, any css code stored in a file with type. Css and later declared head tag in the following manner:

3. Applied directly to the relevant tag

In writing CSS code has its own rules. Perhaps for those of you who are still very common on CSS, this article could be used as learning material for you.

How to declaring and writing CSS

1. Using sign # as the prefix. Examples:

# my_style (
background-color: # 000;
font-color: # fff;

To declare, as will be labeled # then attribute that is used is id. So the example declaration is:

blah blah blah

      Well .. so the result will be like this:

bla bla bla

But remember, the nature of the id is unique. Hence there can be no other elements that use the same id in a CSS.

2. Using the dot or dot (.). as a prefix, for example:

. my_style (
background-color: red;
font-color: # fff;

To declare, for wearing the sign (.) Then the attribute is the class used. So the example declaration is


      Well .. so the result will be like this:

bla bla bla

Well .. if the nature of the id is unique, then the other hand, if the class is not unique and can be applied more than the same class 1 in a html doc.

3. Without wearing a # or (.) But directly applied to a html code, for example:

div (
background-color: blue;

Well if you use this way, then all the div tags will have the same style as CSS code.



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Sunday, 6 September 2009

installing webcam on the computer

technological development enables people to communicate with a look at his interlocutor. a device that helps this is the webcam. with a webcam, one can communicate (chat), looking at his interlocutor.

the price of a webcam is not expensive, easy to use, and very pleasant. webcam now has changed the way people communicate through the Internet.

webcam is a small camera that can be mounted on the monitor komputerdan can capture video and images, then immediately put it in the computer's hard drive.

video conference using a webcam facilitate us to conduct a meeting with someone at the same time even if the person is at a great distance. therefore can provide a video conference exchange of information in audio and visual, cause we can save time, travel costs, and we will never be tired.

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Language can affect the right eye

discuss not only used as a means of communication and contact with speech alone. response in the eyes looking at things also influenced by the language. however, its influence is only for the right eye.

researchers at the "University of California" to test the hypothesis, which states that the language of role in regulating a person's perception or view through a series of color tests.

From these tests, they found that people can more quickly analyze the color by using the right eye than left eye. their findings published in "Proceedings of the Natoinal Academy of Sciences". they say that it happens because the body is processed by the right side of the brain areas that control language.

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Friday, 4 September 2009

wapking: download site the most complete and cheapest

as we know, our phones have this sophisticated still need the help of dedicated software applications for mobile phones. Therefore, many website providers competing to provide various kinds of software to be downloaded by the visitors. This certainly can increase site traffic.

And until now, the site download the most popular include: waptrick, wapking, wapnext, peperonity, gratisindo, and so forth.

but the problems start time attendance. over time these sites no longer provide a free software or freeware called. This time shift that began charges for all software.

and although his brothers have been charged, but remain with main goal is to please the visitors with a fixed set freewarenya.

therefore, we must thank for the faithful wapking provides freeware for us all.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Freecell: dementia detection game

OHSU experts chose Freecell game to detect dementia. The reason, the difficulty of this game is based on the strategy to play cards and one's skills in completing a game. In addition, any number of Freecell game can always be solved, and play was even cheaper because microsoft released together with windows, so be very phenomenal among teenagers and the elderly.

Based on the research being done at OHSU, the size of dementia with Freecell measurement is done by comparing each player in a strategy game for the most efficient and least amount of steps needed to complete the game.

most of the people who use an average Freecell is 75% of winning the game. among them will be motivated when you get the game more difficult levels. However, there are also among those who feel hopeless and change the game with an easier level.

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Monday, 31 August 2009

Indonesia troops ready to attack Serawak

after a couple of pretty horrendous conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia due to the malaysia steal some cultures like Indonesia dances, musical instruments, folk songs, and a small island on the border, the Indonesia began angrily to the actions of their neighbors were.

according to them, within malaysia is a very, very evil. and also had tortured malaysia Indonesia workers who worked there with no human.

responding to the problem, the Indonesian government went to malaysia to question what really happened. But, where the Indonesian government had only words of apology from malaysia.

therefore, the leader of the army and all the nations of Indonesia Indonesia increasingly angry. the youth are ready to volunteer to help draft the country Indonesia. Indonesia estimated the number of soldiers who went to malaysia many as 450,000 soldiers plus approximately 20,000,000 volunteer military service.

Indonesia army just sent a company-made guns guns "PINDAD" as many as 110 guns to the philippines. in fact, the weapon should be sent to Mali. but by the Indonesia army, it's really just a trick to deceive malaysia. These weapons will actually be used to attack malaysia.

path that Indonesia will use the army was used track the terrorists to and out of Indonesia, namely Miangas point on the island.

there, the soldiers will stop Indonesia while in the philippines. and continued with the attack in advance Sarawak and sabah attack.

after that, the plan will be withdrawn soldiers retreated to kalimantan. and continued attacks by the other battalions of sumatera. through 2 stages of this attack, malaysia will be expected to fall to pieces and will be in Indonesia as at the first power.

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