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Monday, 31 August 2009

Indonesia troops ready to attack Serawak

after a couple of pretty horrendous conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia due to the malaysia steal some cultures like Indonesia dances, musical instruments, folk songs, and a small island on the border, the Indonesia began angrily to the actions of their neighbors were.

according to them, within malaysia is a very, very evil. and also had tortured malaysia Indonesia workers who worked there with no human.

responding to the problem, the Indonesian government went to malaysia to question what really happened. But, where the Indonesian government had only words of apology from malaysia.

therefore, the leader of the army and all the nations of Indonesia Indonesia increasingly angry. the youth are ready to volunteer to help draft the country Indonesia. Indonesia estimated the number of soldiers who went to malaysia many as 450,000 soldiers plus approximately 20,000,000 volunteer military service.

Indonesia army just sent a company-made guns guns "PINDAD" as many as 110 guns to the philippines. in fact, the weapon should be sent to Mali. but by the Indonesia army, it's really just a trick to deceive malaysia. These weapons will actually be used to attack malaysia.

path that Indonesia will use the army was used track the terrorists to and out of Indonesia, namely Miangas point on the island.

there, the soldiers will stop Indonesia while in the philippines. and continued with the attack in advance Sarawak and sabah attack.

after that, the plan will be withdrawn soldiers retreated to kalimantan. and continued attacks by the other battalions of sumatera. through 2 stages of this attack, malaysia will be expected to fall to pieces and will be in Indonesia as at the first power.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10:46 am

    Malaysia biadab.
    Musnahkan para malon sampai ke neraka jahanam.
    Jangan biarkan harga diri bangsa indonesia mereka injak.

    Ayo, daftarkan diri anda untuk wajib militer dan bela tanah air.

    Merdeka atau mati!


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