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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Freecell: dementia detection game

OHSU experts chose Freecell game to detect dementia. The reason, the difficulty of this game is based on the strategy to play cards and one's skills in completing a game. In addition, any number of Freecell game can always be solved, and play was even cheaper because microsoft released together with windows, so be very phenomenal among teenagers and the elderly.

Based on the research being done at OHSU, the size of dementia with Freecell measurement is done by comparing each player in a strategy game for the most efficient and least amount of steps needed to complete the game.

most of the people who use an average Freecell is 75% of winning the game. among them will be motivated when you get the game more difficult levels. However, there are also among those who feel hopeless and change the game with an easier level.

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